Aeroseal Duct Sealing is the Least Expensive for the Amount of Energy Saved

If the heat wave of 2012 hasn’t raised the temperatures of your friends and neighbors, chances are good that their next few utility bills will. From San Jose to Charleston, the cost of staying cool during the hottest summer on record will break records of its own. And according to Pike Research, escalating home energy costs is just one reason why a growing number of Americans are showing serious interest in home energy conservation.

Even in today’s sluggish economy, the demand for energy efficient homes – both new construction and retrofits of existing homes – is expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 42% from now until the year 2020.  That’s 118.6 billion feet of energy efficient housing to be transformed over the next eight years.

“Aeroseal is really proving to be the right technology at the right time,” said Neal Walsh of Aeroseal. “Now that there is finally a technology that can effectively seal 95 percent of leaks in a home’s ductwork, the importance of duct sealing is hitting the radar of utility companies and others – including home owners.”

According to a recent report by McKinley Group, Aeroseal duct sealing is for many homeowners the single most effective thing they can do to save energy – and one of the least expensive for the amount of energy saved.

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