Michael S. Palazzolo

Michael S. Palazzolo
Michael S. Palazzolo
aka: The DuctPro

Founder & Visionary

Michael S. Palazzolo, single father of six children, is a state-licensed Mechanical Contractor, spent six years in US Naval Intelligence and in 1969 founded Safety King, Inc., one of the largest air duct cleaning firms in the Midwest. Safety King, now headed by his son, Michael J., dispaches a fleet of 10 Giant Power Vacuum Trucks, operated by uniformed, knowledgeable Technicians, certified as Air System Cleaning Specialists (ASCS) by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA). Safety King delivers the highest quality air duct cleaning available to the residential, commercial and industrial markets of Michigan.


Mike has been a pioneer in the air duct cleaning industry, developing many of the cleaning tools now standard in the industry. He was the first to move to digital administration, converting to a fully computerized office environment long before most other businesses. In 1987, when the industry began its first national association (NADCA), Palazzolo was a charter member, serving on the founding Board of Directors, and was president of the association in 1991.

Minute with Mike

American-Lung-AssociationMike’s commitment to indoor air quality extends beyond the work environment. In 1991, the American Lung Association gave Mike their Distinguished Service Award for outstanding achievement in completing a 3300-mile transcontinental fund-raising bicycle trek. Mike’s 40-day bike ride raised over $5000 for the charity.

Famous Photos

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