20 Energy Efficiency Tips for Sealing Ductwork

Below is a list of energy efficiency tips for sealing ductwork. With Aeroseal duct sealing in Michigan, you can also achieve greater efficiency with your hvac system in your home!

  1. Insulate roof and attic areas to R-49.
  2. Insulate above finish grade exterior walls and rim joist/box sill areas to R-21.
  3. Insulate below finish grade exterior walls to R-10.
  4. Purchase an energy truss system for the roof.
  5. Reduce unintended air infiltration by carefully sealing around all joints and penetrations.
  6. Design rooms to take advantage of day lighting.
  7. Choose ENERGY STAR rated windows.
  8. Construct a house with a maximum of 12% window area to wall area.
  9. Install energy efficient fluorescent light fixtures, where possible.
  10. Install high efficiency condensing furnaces or boilers with outside combustion air and exhaust. Another option is geothermal/heat pumps with ratings of 4.0 COP (coefficient of performance).
  11. Select insulated entrance doors of R-5 or greater.
  12. Install a tankless water heater or a natural gas water heater with an energy factor (EF) of .62 or greater. Install electric water heaters with an energy factor (EF) of .95.
  13. When landscaping, plant deciduous trees that can shade the house. Plant windbreaks to shield your house from the winter wind.
  14. Select air conditioners and heat pumps that qualify for the ENERGY STAR rating. The ENERGY STAR logo indicates a high efficiency product.
  15. To maintain indoor air quality, select a controlled ventilation system or heat recovery ventilator.
  16. Properly size heating and cooling ducts that have all joints and connections properly sealed.
  17. Purchase ENERGY STAR appliances – refrigerator, dishwasher, and clothes washer. The ENERGY STAR logo indicates a high efficiency product.
  18. Consider a solar-assist, hot water system either for domestic hot water or to assist a home heating system.
  19. Purchase a programmable thermostat that can automatically lower your temperature at night and when you are away.
  20. Have your home certified as an ENERGY STAR home by having an energy rating done by a qualified home energy rater.
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