Anthony Pietrobono


Certified Ventilation Maintenance Technician


I have always been into home improvement and construction. My uncle has taught me a lot of what I need to know. Playing sports my whole life has kept me athletic and in shape. On my off time, I like playing sports, attending concerts, and hanging out with friends and family.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Support Technician

National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) Certifications:

  • VMT (Certified Ventilation Maintenance Technician)

OSHA Education Center Certifications:

  • Aerial and Scissor Lifts

Recent Testimonials

Mona D., West Bloomfield MI May 13, 2019

Bill and Anthony arrived on time. They were personable, made sure they knew where all the vents were before setting up and proceeding to do the duct cleaning. Highly recommend them for this type of cleaning in your home.

Henry B., Kimball MI April 29, 2019

Both Ryan and Anthony were very professional at my home they made sure to go over everything with me before and after. I could have found other places that charged less but I am quite confident they would not have performed as well as safety King. my home smells much cleaner and we are breathing better since safety King cleaned my air ducts. I would highly recommend safety King to anyone who has asthma or allergies.

Sandy W., Farmington Hills MI April 14, 2019

Eric and Anthony were great! I had called another company last fall who showed up and said “we can’t do your duct cleaning because your crawl space is too small.” I called Safety King and they did it!! They are a bit more money than other companies but you get what you pay for! High quality- great customer service.

Missy S., St Clair Shores MI April 8, 2019

Safety King did an amazing job on our air ducts! Nick and Anthony were extremely professional, polite and efficient. They arrived right on time and answered all of our questions. Pictures were provided before and after. We can certainly tell a big difference in our house. There is way less dust and our furnace isn’t having to work as hard. We highly recommend Safety King!

David T., Port Huron MI November 17, 2018

All I can say is that I made a great choice, I would recommend Safety King to anyone! Tony (the tech) got out of the truck said HI with a smile and introduced his self. He completely explained the whole procedure and asked if I had any questions. After inspecting the ducts he told me exactly what he was going to do & why, then asked again if i had any questions. The equipment was was amazingly clean and well maintained and Tony was very respectful of my home and myself. The entire experience was Great and when they left it was as if no work or equipment was ever in the house, it was as clean as it was before! Something that sticks in my mind is that Tony told me Safety King is a great company to work for, they give him the best equipment and tools available and it really makes it easy for him to do a good job. He seems proud to be working for them and it shows in his work in his work, Thank You!

Cherilyn M., Wolverine Lake MI October 30, 2018

We love the customer service over the phone; very friendly. We received several reminders for our upcoming appointment, both phone call and emails, which we appreciated a lot. They also provided us some background in an email on the workers who came out to do the job. They did a wonderful job, and they sent us details through an email about what they’ve taken care of along with pictures of the ducts. We are very satisfied, and we recommend them to everyone. Thank you for being on time!

Loann W., Port Huron MI October 19, 2018

Very professional & cleaned areas when work was complete. I would highly recommend their services. Also added dryer duct cleaning & micro bacterial spray in ducts. Price was very reasonable. Technicians will return to spray a sealant into my ducts to seal any small gaps. My ducts are in a crawl space & they had never been cleaned in my 18 yrs in the house. I really never gave duct cleaning a thought. I happened to get a new HVAC system & wanted the ducts cleaned. Win win for me.

Frances L., Marine City MI June 16, 2018

Let me start by saying that my experience with Safety King and it’s employees were exemplary. I was referred by another company in which I have done business with for over 20 year. Although neither is the least expensive, trust, honest and reliability counts for something. Kim, Vernon and Anthony were excellent. Kim answered all of my questions before I had asked them. Vernon and Anthony were a joy to be around and worked extremely hard. You could easily tell that they liked what they were doing, in other words, to help people get their homes clean and livable. Seriously, I got an education from both of them. Looking forward to a reminder that it’s time to do it all over again. Will recommend to friends, family or whomever to use Safety King when asked. Highest Rating possible.

Gary W., Clinton Twp MI March 20, 2018

Delora called the evening before to give me the technician’s arrival time window. She then answered my boatload questions and concerns with great professionalism. Nick T. and Anthony P. arrived right on time and proceeded to explain their process to the nth degree. I’m high maintenance, and they could feel my pain. They assured me of all of my concerns. Corner guards on all the doorways, tarps wherever necessary, etc. They did an excellent job as witnessed in the before and after pictures they took and sent to me in an email. Two great guys and hard workers. I will definitely hire Safety King again!

Denise B., Canton MI March 15, 2018

Ryan and Anthony came to my house to clean. From the first point of contact, they portrayed professionalism. They comforted me by explaining the steps they’d take during their service. And they proceeded to complete the process. They were so friendly and trustworthy, I felt like they were my sons. I am so grateful to them for my very positive experience. Thank you Safety King!


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