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If You're Coughin' and You're Sneezin' Your Ducts Could Be the Reason

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  1. The Solution to Indoor Allergies

    Could the source of your allergies be in your air ducts? Like anything else that is manufactured, ducts and vents will have a lifespan and then will begin to breakdown and you may develop leaks and holes in your duct work. If this happens there is a potential for things like fungi, mold, bacteria, dust […]

  2. 5 Ways You’re Wasting Energy

    There are many ways to save on your energy costs. Here are some suggestions to get you started: 1. Dirty Filter Filters are in place to keep your indoor air clean. But as they collect more and more contaminants, they can do more harm than good in your system. If neglected, a filter’s accumulated dust […]

  3. Unbelievable Energy Savings!

    Stop Wasting Money, Seal Your Ductwork Consumer Reports, Money Magazine and other leading publications say that duct sealing is one of the best investments to reduce home energy bills. Sealing duct work has proven to be more effective than attic insulation and upgrading windows. Leaving a leak in your air ducts is like leaving a leak in a water pipe: the […]

  4. Seal Leaks in Your Air Ducts From the Inside

    Sealing leaks in your air ducts is one of the best ways to save on energy bills! It is common for duct work to be installed with gaps or develop leaks over time. Part of regular home maintenance includes sealing any leaks that develop in your duct work. If you are unable to check for […]

  5. How Aeroseal Solves Indoor Air Quality Problems

    Take Action to Improve Air Quality in Every Room! Have you noticed a increased amount of dust in your home? Is this season causing allergies in your family? These could be air quality problems symptomatic of contamination via the gaps in your ductwork. Sealing a home’s air ducts results less dust, less allergies, and cleaner […]

  6. Safety King as seen on This Old House

    Safety King is credited in the rehabilitation of this Detroit home The upcoming This Old House episode “Fixing the Fascia” features the home where Safety King worked with This Old House to revitalize a Detroit home. This episode originally airs on PBS nationally at 8pm on May 4th, 2017. You can look up your zip code […]

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